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"I Knew Barack Obama When...": Robert

Robert at an Environmentalists for Obama Event

Why does Robert support President Obama? “Because he’s right on every issue!” he says with a laugh. As he sees it, “the President has the right vision for America’s future—the right vision for the environment, for education, and for jobs.”

Growing up in Chicago near the shore of Lake Michigan, Robert instinctively understands the importance of staving off the deleterious effects that pollution can have on our nation’s natural resources. He holds fond memories of time spent playing on the beach as a child and singles out the establishment of the EPA in 1972 as a landmark moment in the nation’s effort to protect our natural surroundings.

Robert’s first introduction to Barack Obama came early in the President’s first term as an Illinois State Senator in 1997. At the time, Robert was serving as the principal of Bryn Mawr Elementary School on the city’s South Side. After making an appeal on behalf of his school to another legislator, Robert heard that he should check in with the “new guy.”

Just two days after Robert made his appeal, Barack Obama showed up at his school at 9:00 AM. The newly minted state senator toured the building, listened to Robert talk about his experience as principal, and asked candidly, “What can I do to help?” Robert made his case for additional resources to his school from the state government in Springfield.

Those resources, which Robert had unsuccessfully pushed for in the past, suddenly began to appear, and continued to do so for the rest of his time as principal. Robert has followed Barack Obama’s career because, as he puts it, our President “is a man of integrity.”

Join Robert in supporting the President and find an event near you!

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