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“How Could I Not Volunteer”

Ryan Kaufmann

Ryan K., a neighborhood team leader in Kendall County, volunteers for the campaign because he feels that President Obama cares deeply about the work that he does.

“I am proud of this President and the things we have accomplished. President Obama shares my view for the future and I want him to succeed. I believe he is a genuinely moral man with the best interests of all Americans in his heart. It’s not a question of why I volunteer, but rather how could I not volunteer.”

Ryan’s family has always emphasized the importance of education. His grandfather, an iron worker in Iowa with a high school degree, worked hard to ensure his 7 children lived the American dream and received proper education. When Ryan was born, his father did the same. Ryan’s graduate school degree is a testament to the American dream.

When the campaign officially launched in April, Ryan knew he had to get involved. He applied to be a summer organizer and stayed on for the Fall Fellows Program. When the program ended, he became the neighborhood team leader in his community.

“I stayed involve because I find organizing fulfilling. I get to work for a worthy cause, while bringing together people of different backgrounds and points of view who all share a common goal: getting President Obama re-elected.”

As an organizer, Ryan plans on developing a team in Kendall County that is well-developed and has a significant impact on the election in November.

Want to help organizers like Ryan for President Obama’s campaign? Find a local event or sign up to volunteer.

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