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Grassroots Planning Sessions: Lombard, IL

Last week Organizing for America Illinois kicked off what is to be a series of Grassroots Planning Sessions in Illinois aimed at bringing together neighborhood teams and volunteers to discuss strategy going forward into 2012. Attendees began to map out the next couple of months of action events, and how to most effectively re-engage those who have been involved in the past.

These events also gave new folks a chance to get involved, meet the neighborhood organizers in their neighborhood and lend their voice in discussing the path going forward into 2012.

Sean, and Organizing for America Illinois Regional Field Director had this to say about the GPS event in Lombard:

"Monday night in Lombard 15 enthusiastic supporters gathered at a grassroots planning session at the Log Cabin. After a discussion on campaign strategy, the volunteers split up into small groups by township to discuss concrete steps to take to ensure President Obama and other Democrats are elected in 2012. House parties, phone banks, and constituent outreach activities have been scheduled and people are excited to get going. The energetic group of volunteers, some seasoned and some new, have indicated interest in taking on neighborhood team member roles and are going to receive necessary training to do so. The grassroots campaign is taking shape on the ground here in DuPage County and our supporters are more motivated then I have even scene them!"

Grassroots Planning Sessions will be taking place across Illinois, and are a perfect opportunity for to help lay the foundation going forward into 2012. CLICK HERE to find a Grassroots Planning Session near you.

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