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From Organizing Fellow to Field Organizer

Former Chicago area community organizer, Ryan Griffin, was recently offered a Field Organizer position in Appleton, Wisconsin. Prior to his departure, he put together a few words he wanted to share with Illinois:

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I was a community organizer in Chicago, IL. As I think back, the best thing about my time as a community organizer was all the great teams I helped create. When I first started on the Obama campaign I was young and naïve about organizing but with the useful guidance of my Regional Field Director, I quickly learned many of the skills I needed to be an effective organizer.

The past few months I have been able to build two strong neighborhood teams through many 1:1s and community outreach. Through this team building process, I have helped to empower all kinds of people in this campaign and show the diversity that Chicago has to offer. My teams have helped organize a petition drive to get President Obama on the ballot here in Illinois, organize with battleground states by helping Get Out The Caucus in Iowa in December and January, and help out Wisconsin last February. These efforts have not only given my teams the chance to grow but they show what Illinois does best: help our border battleground states become stronger organizations.

I’m embarking on a new journey as I head to Appleton, Wisconsin. I would like to thank everyone who has made me the organizer I have become. Thank you to my great neighborhood teams who every day are helping to build the Obama campaign in their neighborhood. While I will miss Illinois, I know that thanks to your leadership I can go on and help Wisconsin for President Obama and instill the same values and sense of community that I am leaving behind in Chicago.

Thank you so much Illinois and here is to victory in 2012!

Illinois is full of incredibly gifted organizers who participated as part of last year’s summer and fall Obama Organizing Fellows program. They organized and built lasting relationships with the people in those communities. They succeeded in their endeavors and were so impressive, a few of them received offers of employment with the campaign as field organizers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida.

obama campaign jobs

Congratulations to the newest members of the Organizing for America field team:

  1. Sabey Abraham (Wisconsin)
  2. Amber Margentina (Wisconsin)
  3. Ryan Griffin (Wisconsin)
  4. Patrick Watson (Florida
  5. Anne Huang (Pennsylvania)
  6. Joel Stopka (North Carolina)
  7. Sam Link (Ohio)

Though we're glad they're now doing amazing work in these crucial battleground states, we still miss them.

Are you interested in learning what it takes to become a Field Organizer on the Obama campaign? Sign up for our Midwest Field Organizer Academy.

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