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Illinois Environmentalists for Obama

Nearly fifty environmental advocates and supporters of the President filled the 218 South Wabash field office on Monday night to kick off our Environmentalists for Obama initiative. The evening brought together volunteer activists, public officials, and staff committed to the twin goals of protecting the environment and re-electing the President.

Janelle Rau-Clauson

After welcoming attendees and firing up the crowd, Illinois State Director Janelle Rau-Clauson yielded the floor to a series of environmental leaders from across the city. Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL 5TH), who has taught classes on environmental policy at Loyola University, emphasized the importance of strong leadership in the face of a House of Representatives that has consistently put forth votes to undermine environmental protections.

Mike Quigley

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore, whose agency is responsible for treating the wastewater and flood water in Cook County, characterized Barack Obama as a “Great Lakes President” who understands the type of conservation issues that are important to Illinoisans. She urged everyone to find their niche within the campaign and stressed that there’s plenty of work to be done by people with different skill sets.

After short speeches from other civic leaders, attendees shared their own stories of about why they have the President’s back. Supporters stressed a number of aspects of President Obama’s commitment to protecting the environment including:

  • His agreement with auto manufacturers to improve fuel economy standards
  • His “all-of-the-above strategy” that helps develop clean energy sources
  • His support of new, eco-friendly transportation initiatives like light-rail

State Field Director, Andrew Katz, wrapped up the event by providing an overview of the campaign’s structure and instructions for how supporters can use Dashboard to find where they fit in. Following the program, attendees mingled over refreshments, shared stories about their particular environmental interests, and talked with staff about how to get more involved.

Don’t miss out on your next chance to meet like-minded supporters of the President—find an upcoming event near you!

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