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Community Organizer Spotlight: Sam Link

Sam Link is a deeply passionate volunteer community organizer in Chicago. Sam took a moment from her organizing to talk about why she is supporting the President and what inspired her to get involved.

How and when did you first get involved?

During the '08 election I was in school in Omaha, Nebraska studying political science and got really involved in my college democrats and worked with the Obama organizer in Omaha. If you look on electoral maps from 2008 you'll see a tiny blue dot in the middle of a sea of red, and that’s Omaha. I helped make that happen.

How do you describe what a community organizer does to your friends?

I tell them I’m organizing on behalf of the President: building teams to help run his grassroots campaign for re-election. I tell them I make a lot of phone calls and conduct canvasses. It’s hard work, but because of the people I meet and the goal of a better future I’m working towards, all of it is worth it.

What advice would you give new community organizers?

My advice would be to focus on 1-on-1 interaction. Get to know the people in the community you’re serving on a deeper level. Try to find a good balance between leading and letting your volunteers take the lead.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a Community Organizer?

The relationships you build along the way. It’s rewarding to see people you recruited to become Neighborhood Team Leaders building their own teams and doing great work.

To get involved with the campaign in your area, become a Neighborhood Team Leader.

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