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Cheering on the President From Bradley University


On Tuesday night, ten supporters gathered in a classroom at Bradley University to tune in to President Obama’s third State of the Union address.

When the president announced he had met with some university presidents to discuss the issue of increased tuition, everyone was grateful.

Robert K., one of our volunteers and the host of the watch party at Bradley, led a discussion afterwards regarding the ideas mentioned in the address.

“We pay around $30,000 a year here at Bradley and it's really tough on a lot of students and their families. We all agree going to college is a great opportunity, but it's hard to get excited about the vast possibilities of higher education when, for many students, there are huge debts waiting on the other side of their diploma. That's why the President's statements about lowering the cost of college was so well-received.”

Did you support President Obama’s ideas about the problem of increasing price tags for higher education? Find a local event or sign up to volunteer.

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