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Canvassing in Iowa: My “Day of Action”

Angela Looks Through Her Canvass Sheet

This weekend marked 100 days until Election Day. At this time four years ago, I probably made a mental note of the countdown but did nothing more than remind a few friends to vote.

This year, however, I transitioned from a passive Obama supporter to an active Obama volunteer. I recruited my mom and a good friend and the three of us spent the day in Dubuque, Iowa canvassing for the first time.

Outside the Iowa Field Office

Canvassing has to be one of the most intimate and personally satisfying experiences of my life. Going in, I had no idea what to expect and my mind ran across all of the possible scenarios ranging from good to terrible, yet I was resolved to hit the pavement in support of President Obama’s re-election.

My mom and I walked up and down the rolling hills of Dubuque knocking on doors. It was challenging work but we introduced ourselves with friendly smiles which helped open the door for dialogue. Canvassing in Iowa reminded us of something so simple, yet extremely powerful: the human connection.

The Road to Iowa

Neither of us should have been surprised by the many Dubuquans who showcased the kindness that Midwesterners are known for. In particular, there was one woman whom we will never forget.

Connie said she believes the president has done a good job for our country and she wants to see him re-elected. The three of us chatted for a few minutes and discovered that Connie's family is from a small town located only a few miles from our hometown in Illinois. The conversation then shifted towards Connie's beautiful garden and she and my mom began speaking “gardenese.”

Moments later, Connie reached down, grabbed one of her plants and handed it to my mom. She insisted that she take it home with her and plant it in her garden. It was a beautiful sentiment to know that this plant that once grew in Connie's garden in Iowa would now be planted and nurtured to grow in my mom's garden in Illinois. Human connection like that is something very special that crosses barriers and speaks to the heart of the president’s campaign and who we are as a country.

A Plant to Take Home!

Stayed on the sidelines this weekend? Take action like Angela and click here to find an upcoming event near you!

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