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Canvass in Iowa with Justin

obama campaign volunteers

Have you ever wanted to go on a canvassing trip but weren't sure what the experience is like? Justin C,, summer organizing fellow, canvassed Wisconsin in May and shares his experience:

I drove a van of fired up supporters from Chicago’s north side. The 90 mile trek from Chicago to Milwaukee gave us a chance to share personal stories of support for President Obama and discuss President Obama’s record. One theme that came up over and over was the need for supporters of the President to jump in and get involved in the campaign as soon as possible. We welcomed one volunteer on his first-ever canvassing trip and several volunteers on their first canvassing trip of 2012. There is no time like the present to educate voters about President Obama’s record of change!

Election Day is rapidly approaching and there’s no better time to get involved with the Obama campaign than right now. Sign up to join Justin and other awesome Obama supporters on a canvassing trip in Iowa this weekend.

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