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A Veteran Campaigner

In 2008, Carol R., a neighborhood team leader in Chicago’s western suburbs, was inspired. Although she was a veteran campaigner, she knew that this was not a campaign she could skip.

That’s why in April, when the 2012 campaign launched, she knew she had to continue volunteering to support President Obama.

“I believe in the vision that the President has for this country and I want to be sure he has the next four years to carry it out.”

If he is re-elected, Carol wants President Obama to continue to put forth legislation regarding the economic recovery and education.

“I want to see some basic economic fairness come back to this country. I also believe that the issue of education is critical to our country and we need to continue to improve and extend a quality education to all of our students.”

When Carol was asked by the Regional Field Director in her area to become her community’s Neighborhood Team Leader, she was thrilled. She thought that was a great opportunity to put her organizational skills to work, while also helping out President Obama!

“I want to create an energized, cohesive, and competent organization that can deliver my turf for the President and have the capability of sending volunteers to other states if needed.”

Carol and other organizers will be working hard these next few months to continue to build up a grassroots organization across Illinois, and they need your help! Find a local event or sign up to volunteer.

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