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A Self Proclaimed Political Junkie

If you ask Charles W., a neighborhood team leader on Chicago’s 21st Ward, how he describes himself one phrase comes to mind: political junkie.

After following the 2008 campaign closely, but never getting involved beyond voting, Charles decided he wanted to get involved in the 2012 campaign.

One day while working a computer training session, a client asked Charles to help him create a flyer. The flyer was for an upcoming open house for prospective volunteers at the 2012 field office in Chicago. Charles recognized this as his opportunity to get involved.

Despite this being the first time Charles has volunteered on a political campaign, he has already learned the basics of organizing. Although sometimes proven to be a challenge, Charles says that the support from his fellow campaigners and volunteers has made all the difference.

The warm associations I’ve made with fellow campaign volunteers and the very pleasant encounters that I have with like-minded citizens all over Chicago and Iowa has been one of my favorite things about my OFA volunteer work.”

Charles decided to volunteer on President Obama’s 2012 campaign because he feels the President has demonstrated skillful, wise, and effective leadership under difficult circumstances. Although he respects the opinions of those who disagree with President Obama, Charles is working to protect President Obama’s accomplishments.

“Whatever role I can fill throughout the campaign, my only goal is to support the successful re-election of President Obama. I will do all I can—all I am asked to do—to make that contribution.”

Want to join these volunteers and help out with President Obama’s campaign? Find a local event or sign up to volunteer.

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