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A New Generation of Organizers: Fall Fellows Training 2011

In 1985, President Obama began his career as a community organizer on the south side of Chicago. Twenty-six years later, a new generation of organizers are following in his footsteps. This weekend, a group of 70 enthusiastic Fall Fellows from all over Illinois gathered in Chicago to learn the ins and outs of becoming a successful organizer.

Although these 70 Fall Fellows were both campaign rookies and veterans, they were all bursting with excitement and eager to get to work. OFA Illinois staff shared best practices with the new Fellows who will begin organizing this week. Whether it was sharing their own personal stories or breaking out into teams to play a game of Jeopardy, Illinois’ Fall Fellows were excited to get started.

Janice, a Fall Fellow from Watseka, Illinois, recognized the diversity of the group but took pride in knowing that everyone was working towards a common goal: to keep President Obama in the White House in 2012.

“What I will take away most from my time spent here is the varied people I have met. Students and those who have spent their lives working. Young and old, parents and singles. Those who have spent their lives dedicated to politics and first-timers, like myself. We all share the desire for a better America, and we all have committed ourselves to invest our time and energy towards that goal.”

Training is over and this new group of organizers are ready to hit the streets and get to work. This experience may require them to sacrifice, but these Fall Fellows are dedicated and determined to use their new skills to reelect President Obama in 2012.

Congratulations, Fall Fellows Class of 2011!

Fall Fellows will be working hard these next few months to continue to build up grassroots organizing all over the country, and they need your help! Find a local event or sign up to volunteer. Follow their progress on Twitter using the hashtag #FallFellows11.

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