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Kate's Electrifying Presidential Experience

Kate S., a Chicago area organizing fellow, was given the opportunity to volunteer at an event featuring the president on Friday, March 16th. She was so fired up she went canvassing in Wisconsin the next day. Here’s Kate’s account of her experience:

It was an exciting 36 hours for many of our volunteers, including myself.

On Friday, I had the privilege of volunteering with many other spring fellows and Neighborhood Team Leaders at the Palmer House luncheon in Chicago. Volunteers were assigned various roles helping with security check-in, crowd control, and guest and press registration.

Once all the guests were settled into their seats, many of us were able to sit down and enjoy the lunch. This was the first time that I had ever heard President Obama speak in person and I will never forget it. It was powerful, poignant, and even humorous at times.

He did not disappoint.

It was electrifying to be that close to the president. Yet, as incredible as the event was on Friday, Saturday was just as important. On Saturday, 20 volunteers from Chicago, many of whom had been at the Palmer House the day before, made the trek up to Racine, Wisconsin for some door-to-door canvassing. We canvassed Racine neighborhoods on foot to ensure that all voters were educated on the current voter ID law in Wisconsin.

When I was driving home, I thought about how fortunate I was to experience two very different and yet equally important components of the campaign in such a short span of time. It also reinforced something that President Obama articulated in his speech on Friday, we truly are all in this together.

This campaign is full of incredible experiences and people who are committed to the President’s re-election. If you want to meet new and exciting people in your community, sign up to become a Neighborhood Team Leader.

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