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"You Just Need to Show Up!"

One of our first stops for Campus Takeover this week was Iowa City, where over 100 Hawkeyes came out to show their support for the President, meet Justin Long, and most importantly, vote early.

Justin Long #CampusTakeover

After voting, I spoke with a few students who had cast their ballots for Barack Obama. Alyssa Gomez, a local volunteer and student, shared her early vote experience with us:


"Voting was very easy, you don't need anything, you just need to show up. It's really really convenient, especially for us students. I just walked over there, waited in a really short line, and I got it done. I really want the President to know I have his back."

With just 22 days left, the election is around the corner. It's your turn to show President Obama that you have his back. Find out where you can go to cast your ballot for Barack today!

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