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Women for Obama!

This past Saturday, women in Ames gathered at a locally owned small business for brunch, in an effort to turn out early votes for the President. Women shared their personal stories about why they support President Obama and committed volunteers encouraged fresh faces to take action in support of the President.

Sandra Chacko, an active volunteer and Ames resident, shared stories of women struggling to balance family, school and finances. She reminded us of how important it is to elect a President who will advocate for women, mothers and students of all ages and all races - despite the rain, these women were more fired up and ready to go than ever. Following cupcakes and quiches at the Cupcake Emporium, women (and the men who love them) headed over to vote early in person at Dahl's.

Women for Obama

Volunteers like Sandra are incredibly inspiring, along with the hundreds of men and women who volunteer for our campaign everyday. We have under 20 days left and you can help make all of the difference. Find an event near you and get involved today!

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