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Wind Turbines That Are Built To Last

When President Obama visited Des Moines last week, he also paid a visit to TPI Composites, a wind turbine blade manufacturer in Newton, which has benefitted from the production tax credit for wind energy. This credit has helped companies like TPI succeed in the wind industry, and factories like the one in Newton are revitalizing small town economies. Only 5 years ago, Newton lost its major employer. However, because of President Obama’s work on renewable energy, Newton has been buoyed by the strength of the wind energy industry.

These polices have not just helped Newton, their impact can be felt across the state and across the country. As President Obama said on Thursday:

"We used to have just a few dozen manufacturing facilities attached to the wind industry. Today, we have nearly 500 facilities in 43 states employing tens of thousands of American workers.”

As we listened to President Obama share his vision for an economy that is built to last, standing in the background was a symbol of that innovative future.

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