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Why Emily Backs Barack

Yesterday, we asked Iowans to tell us why they support President Obama in 2012. We've already received numerous submissions through email, Facebook, and Twitter, but there was one that just had to be shared right away. This is why Emily from Clive has Barack's back.

"Because 4 years ago, this baby was on my hip as I was the caucus leader for Obama...


...and today, my 5 year old can't wait to accompany me door to door to help get him reelected!"


Feel like sharing why you back Barack? If we pick yours, you’ll get access to the preferred standing section at this Thursday's grassroots event with the President in Des Moines.

All you need to do is send us a photo with your reason and your contact info to [email protected], and we'll follow up to get you all the details you need. You can also get us your photo by tweeting it with the hashtag #IBackBarack.

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