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What we did together: 10,000 votes

Last week college students all over Iowa came out to vote in incredible numbers. In just 5 days, over 10,000 students cast their ballots on their campus. From President Obama at Cornell College to Bruce Springsteen at Iowa State University to Justin Long heading talking to supporters at the Big 3, it's been an exciting week!

Our Campus Organizers and Teams shows the whole state and country what they are capable of, and let me tell you- I think this country is in great hands with our generation. The stakes could not be higher. Young people have the most to gain, as well as the most to lose.

We've got just two weeks left to make sure the President gets reelected, and it's not tool late to get involved and join something big. The next 14 days are going to be exciting, and we need you to help push us to victory by signing up for a volunteer shift today!

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