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"We're in the Office Five to Six Nights a Week!"

Vice President was back in the Hawkweye state last week, and a local group of our volunteers couldn't have been more excited to see him. As excited as they were to see the Vice President, they were even more excited for the opportunity to re-elect the Obama-Biden Team in such an important swing state.

Council Bluffs TEAM2

Margaret, Diane, Geri and Judy are working hard for the President because they know how close this race is going to be. They know that everything is at stake this election cycle.

Geri knows just how serious this election is:

"The fact that President Obama could lose scares me, I've seen so many elections in my time. If President Obama loses then schools lose, women lose, Medicare loses, everything will be changed".

We have less than 30 days left to do our part and make sure the President is reelected. If you have been thinking about joining the race, now's the time. Sign up for a volunteer shift today!

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