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We Need You in Iowa This Summer

We have just five months left to build the strongest organization we can, and we're looking for passionate people like you to help make it happen.

You may have heard about our summer organizing fellowships. Organizing fellows engage new volunteers, register voters, lead canvasses and phone banks, and develop relationships with other leaders in their communities -- from college campuses to small towns and large cities.


As a former spring organizing fellow, let me tell you -- there's no experience like it. You'll have a huge impact on this campaign here in Iowa.

You should apply today.

I began as a Spring Fellow this February because I've always wanted to make an impact in my community. As a fellow, I learned the skills I needed to do just that -- concrete organizing skills like volunteer recruitment, working with local groups, and organizing events from team meetings to events with the President.

Not only did I meet a ton of other people who are making change happen, I also realized that I can be the change I want to see in my country.

Barack Obama started where you are today. Through hard work, he built his career and life around organizing people to make their communities -- and the country -- a better place. I'm proud to be following in his footsteps, and would definitely recommend the experience to anyone.

Check out our summer fellowships here in Iowa, and apply today!

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