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This fall, in communities across the state, Iowa Latinos for Obama have been making their voices heard by getting out to vote early for President Obama.

Over these past few weeks members Iowa's latino community, along with special guests such Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Actress Sonia Manzano, have come together in cities across Iowa to celebrate how convenient, easy, and important it is to vote early for President Obama.

We've been demonstrating how easy the voting process is here in Iowa by casting ballots early at temporary voting locations and local County Auditor’s offices. Mayor Villaraigosa eloquently summed up the importance of voting early.

“Vote for someone who can’t vote. So many people that live here and work here and contribute don’t have that sacred franchise that we have. Some of the young people that are turning 18 and can vote, their parents aren’t citizens. Vote for them. Vote for your little brother and sister who will benefit from your vote.”

If you're fired up to get our President re-elected, then join with other Iowa Latinos for Obama this weekend to get out the vote!

To learn more about early voting in Latino communities in other battleground states, check out National Field Director, Jeremy Bird’s, recent post.

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