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Standing Up and Speaking Out for Women's Health


Recently, we've noticed a trend in the opinion section of Iowa newspapers. People have been voicing their support for President Obama and getting the facts out about the new contraception guidelines under the Affordable Care Act by writing letters to the editor of their local papers. Below are just a few of the letters that have been published in Iowa papers over the past few days.

Published in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald on 2/8/2012

"A big thanks to President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services for protecting women's religious freedoms at work. Religiously affiliated businesses were trying to deny women coverage for birth saying that birth control goes against their beliefs.

While I respect their beliefs, they should in turn respect a woman's freedom to decide whether or not she wants to use birth control. President Obama has done the right thing by agreeing that the only person who should decide about using affordable birth control is the woman." - Nita W., Dubuque

Published in the Des Moines Register on 2/6/2012

"Just because most women’s insurance policies will cover contraception in no way means they have to use that benefit. Also, the rule from the Department of Health and Human Services gives religious employers, such as churches, a waiver on the requirement.

Concern about employers whose principles would be offended by having to underwrite such coverage ignores the principles of the thousands of Iowans plus their dependents, who want and would be denied this important health coverage if the exception had been expanded.

As a nurse, I agree with the decision to limit the waiver to the rule as a matter of public health, respect for individual conscience and simple fairness to Iowa women and their families." - Cathy G., Coralville

Published in the Iowa City Press Citizen on 2/5/2012

"There is nothing controversial about ensuring that birth control be covered under insurance without co-pay, as it is a preventive measure.

President Obama did everything right in rejecting a proposal that would deny this coverage to women based on employment in a religiously affiliated hospital or university. Health care does not have a religious or political affiliation, and should not be treated as such.

The president’s well informed decision guarantees that a woman will receive equal coverage for vital services, which is precisely the purpose of preventive health care in the first place." - Gretchen L., Iowa City

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit their views on behalf of this important issue. And now it's easier than ever for you to submit a letter of your own with our new LTE tool.

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