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Since Mitt's Been Gone

It’s been a little over four months since Mitt Romney left the state following his second place finish in the Iowa caucuses. Since then, we have learned a lot of new things about Mitt Romney. We want to remind Iowans about the extreme comments he’s made since he’s been gone, and also give the Romney campaign a sneak peak of what he'll face when he decides to return to the state.

That's why we're using the hashtag #SinceMittsBeenGone on Twitter. But to really see the difference between our campaign and the Romney campaign, there's no better visual than the photo below.


Our Iowa HQ is now run out of the same office that the Romney campaign used during the Iowa caucuses. As you can see from the photo, even at the height of the caucus effort, the Romney campaign couldn't compete with the organization we are building in the state now, with more than 6 months to go until the November election.

Be sure to stay up to date on the work we've been doing to build our organization here in Iowa since the caucuses by checking out the #SinceMittsBeenGone hashtag, and by checking out some of Mitt Romney's most extreme moments that we'll be highlighting on our Tumblr page.

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