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Share Your Story: Why Will You Be The First?

With just over two weeks until we can start voting here in Iowa, folks are gearing up to be the first to vote for President Obama all over the state. We recently ran into a few students who were fired up and ready to go in supporting President Obama.


Meg (right) and Jordan (left) are both Sophmores at Grinnell College, and both are extremely excited to be the first in the nation to cast their vote for the President.

"The most important issue at stake for me personally is climate chance. There has been no time for action like now, and if anyone is going to bring this issue forward and start the discussion in the US it's President Obama, because the time is now. President Obama has done so much for us, and we have so much more left to do."

Meg isn't the only one with something at stake this election cycle, her classmate Jordan also realizes the opportunity here in Iowa to reelect the President.

"For me, I'm definitely most concerned about what would happen for Women's rights and healthcare if Mitt Romeny is elected. I came to school in Iowa from Illinois to be more involved in the political process, this election is crucial, and I'll do anything to make sure he is reelected."

Are you excited to vote for President Obama in 15 days? Share your story of why you can't wait to be the first in 2012.

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