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Ready To Go for Saturday's Canvass Kickoff

Local field offices across Iowa have been buzzing all week long as organizers and neighborhood teams have been preparing for this Saturday's canvass kickoff events.


This is the perfect opportunity for Iowans who want to see us move forward to get involved. As Sarah Duevel, our Iowa Field Director, noted in an email to supporters this week:

Together, we've been building a strong grassroots organization, but this is the moment to take the next step -- especially here in Iowa, where the outcome could decide the election -- starting with canvassing kickoff events across the state on Saturday. We'll be knocking on doors, talking with folks about what's at stake in this election, and building the support it's going to take to win in November.

We have the edge in the ground game. That's why it's so important we build our grassroots strength here in Iowa right now.

So if you've been waiting to get involved, this is the perfect time to join fellow supporters in your area -- and if you're an old hand, you already know why it's important to pitch in now.

Get involved, and come join a canvassing kickoff event near you on Saturday.

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