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Our Neighborhood Team Leaders: 14 days out

The clock is ticking and we are now just 14 days away from the start of early voting. As we continue to prepare to be among the first in the nation to vote early for President Obama, our team of supporters and volunteers continues to grow.

Our Field Organizer in Evansdale, Annelise Plooster, had nothing but great things to say about the new Neighborhood Team Leader she had just confirmed.

Meet Linda

Linda Seery

"Linda Seery carries a special dose of compassion to each door she knocks. She keeps her word and returns to those who ask for her to come back and checks in on the undecided. Linda had been gone over the weekend, but called me immediately once she got home to see if I had the confirmation calls for our weekly Wednesday meeting. She wanted to be sure to get in touch with the new volunteers from her convention watch party.

This town has battled hardship over the past few months and Linda gets that. She also gets the big picture. She knows President Obama is the prescription this country needs to get better.

In addition to our new Neighborhood Team Leader in Evansdale, we also just welcomed two new leaders to our West Betterndorf Team. Our Organizer in West Bettendorf, Matt Smith, couldn't be more excited about our new leaders – both confirmed the same day!

Meet Dan

Dan Prescott

"Initially, it was difficult to gauge his reaction to my hints to getting him to be my NTL. Yet, every step of the way in the escalation 1:1, he listened, understood and accepted without hesitation."

Meet Lynn

Lynn ingras-Taylor

"After hosting phonebanks two consecutive weeks, Lynn asked me if she could host another before I even had the chance to ask her myself. I said of course. Lynn works at the Art Museum in Davenport, and when I asked her to be NTL during her lunch break, she asked for a button to make it official, and when I handed one to her, she was so excited she put it on right away."

We're only 2 weeks away from the start of early voting here in Iowa, and the choice couldn't be more clear. But we can't win without you, find an event in your neighborhood and get involved today!

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