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On the Road with Rev. Derrick Harkins: Latinos for Obama Faith Leaders Outreach

Rev. Derrick Harkin's visit

Over the weekend, Latino and African American faith leaders came together to meet and engage with the Democratic National Committee’s Faith Outreach Director, Rev. Derrick Harkins. Attendees learned about the Latinos for Obama and African Americans for Obama Congregation Captain Program, and how important it is to address the issues facing Iowa’s diverse faith communities. Latino and African American faith leaders along with Rev. Harkins, brainstormed strategies to best engage the faith-based community in voter registration, vote by mail, and early voting outreach efforts.

This exciting weekend was kicked off in Des Moines, where Rev. Harkins got a chance to meet with local Latino leaders based in Des Moines and surrounding towns. After the meet and greet in Des Moines, Rev. Harkins and OFA Latino Vote Director, Jeanette Acosta, hit the road and met with Latino and African American community members and faith leaders in Davenport and Waterloo.

This weekend served as a critical step in our march toward the full engagement of Iowa’s faith community.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in our faith outreach and learning more about our Congregation Captain Program, please join Latinos for Obama and African Americans for Obama today!

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