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Iowans on Board with Barack


After President Obama's three day, seven city bus trip across our state, one thing has become very clear: Iowa is still very much Obama country.

Iowans had a lot to say about this week's trip. Read through some of the best quotes supporters had to offer to local press in the story below.

Council Bluffs

“He said the right things about jobs, the economy, taxes. Trickle-down economy doesn’t work. If it did, the middle class would not be shrinking and the middle class is shrinking.” – Dennis Keithley, Daily Nonpareil, 8/14

“He (Obama) is such a dynamic speaker, He tells it like it is. I’m 100 percent in favor of Obamacare.” – Kathleen Kerns, Daily Nonpareil, 8/14


“It was awesome, I never thought I’d get to meet the president.” – Dawson Evers, age 10, Daily Nonpareil, 8/13

“It's incredible, this is what America is – it's diversity. We need to come together.” – Rob Gilmer, Daily Nonpareil, 8/14

“When I woke up today, when we got together this morning (at school) for meetings, I never thought I’d have this opportunity.” – Kelsey Lally, Daily Nonpareil, 8/15

“Everything he said was right.” – Charlie Wood, Daily Nonpareil, 8/15

“The economy hasn't turned around as much as people had hoped, The goal of Republicans and Congress to get Obama out of office has trumped everything.” – Melissa Dean, Omaha World-Herald, 8/13

“It's not easy — just in four years — to do all those things.” – Miguel Siani, Omaha World-Herald, 8/13


“I think it’s a real honor to meet the very first black president, because it’s a part of history that nobody can ever duplicate.” […] “Anybody who makes $20 million and only pays 14 percent, you know, and those middle-class people who are out there busting their buns are paying a lot more than that. It bothers me a lot.” – Steve Lash, Gazette, 8/13

“He cares so much about the people, especially the middle class and the low income.” – Lalonie Bowen, Gazette, 8/13

“He also ordered a bunch (of shaved ice) for the kids standing around and for his staff.” […] “Great shaved good as in Hawaii.” – Steve Holt, Denison Buliten, 8/14

“I couldn't believe how personable he was.” – Peg Hogan, Denison Buliten, 8/14

“He is my president, and it was my honor to serve him.” – Steve Holt, Sioux City Journal, 8/14

Iowa State Fair

Best of #BaracksBus

“I just seen all these people up here, so I just came. I never seen (the President) in real life before. It was amazing.” – Melvin McGregor, Des Moines Register, 8/14

“I got to hug the President. It was amazing. He's really good looking in person.” – Gina McClelland, KCCI, 8/14

“It's awesome. Regardless of preference it's impressive to see all the logistics that go into getting him here.” – Matthew Doughty, manager Aspen Active, Des Moines Register, 8/14


"It was just a really, really exciting thing, To live in rural Iowa and the president of the United States visit, to me is just, you pinch yourself and say, 'This is just super cool.' " – Dave Helman, The Hawkeye, 8/15

“One-to-one, he is just fabulous, and today was so exciting. I think it just took a moment for him to have that crowd just cheering and yelling with him. It was wonderful.” – Lois Crane, The Hawkeye, 8/15


“I'm undecided right now. He's had a lot of tough issues to deal with, and he's handled them as well as anyone could be expected considering what's going on with the economy.” – Mark Raymie, Republican Candidate for Co. Supervisor, Des Moines Register, 8/14


Image 5

“For a town the size of Marshalltown to be able to see a sitting president in a small setting, people are very excited,” Gill said. “How many little towns our size get put on the map that way?” – Kay Gill, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/14

As Obama was talking to the men, Kiefer ran up to him. “Hey, man!” the president said to the boy. In response, Keifer ran back to his mother and said, “He called me ‘man.’” – Kiefer, Age 3, Des Moines Register, 8/14

“That’s kind of amazing. That kind of proves that he’s a personable guy and that he cares.” – TJ Miller, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/15

“I said to him this lady is 100 years old and he said anybody 100 years old deserves a kiss...and he kissed her.” – Betty Wehrman, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/15

“I think he generally has my country’s best interests in mind. He’s much more in touch with the regular folks than Romney.” – Toby Huss, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/15

“It was a great experience. I think it’s a great opportunity for Marshalltown.” – Riley Willman, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/15

“For me, it was breathtaking. He was very down to earth.” – Jacy Large, Marshalltown Times Republican, 8/15


Best of #BaracksBus

“I love this guy. I’ve wanted to see this guy for a long time” – Lori Sliekers, WCF Courier, 8/15

“Golly, I’ll fall over even if we get a glance.” – Janice Blake, WCF Courier, 8/15

“This is the first time I’ve seen the president, so I am like way excited.” – Patricia Saffold, WCF Courier, 8/15

“I’ve never heard him embrace the term Obamacare. Tonight he did and I think it’s fantastic.” – Pierre-Damian Mvuyekure, Cedar Rapids Gazette, 8/14


Image 10

“The middle class needs a break, and those at the top need to pay their fair share. I think President Obama has the right idea.” – Dave Baker, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 8/16

“His vision definitely supports the work that we’re doing, and its nice to have that foundation from the top and that type of leadership...if you work hard enough you get there, just like the president says.” – Ermina Soler, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 8/16

“(The President) was really interested. He doesn’t care about the politics of it. He wants to know the truth. It showed he genuinely cares about it.” – Jake Krapfl, Iraq War Veteran, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 8/16

“It’s a great experience to share with our students.” – Michele Meade, Teacher, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 8/15

“I don’t care what your political affiliation is, it’s the experience of a lifetime...I can’t wait to tell my kids about it.” – Emi Chapman, Cancer Care Coordinator, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 8/15

“Obama still has the grassroots here in Iowa. I think in the next couple of months, you’re going to see a real surge.” – Cecilia Parks, Quad City Times, 8/15


“I think it was pretty cool,” she said, saying that the best part of the president’s speech was about paying for college. – Navah Davis, age 8, Quad City Times, 8/16

“I went out and got a lot of people to vote. I’ll work again.” – Maria M. Aguilera, Quad City Times, 8/16


“Everyone is so thrilled with Michelle. She is so darn popular.” – Judy Voss, Quad City Times, 8/16

“Well, the Obamas loved our place and all the good things to eat. I can’t remember a woman who was so charming as Michelle. Just plain down-home friendly.” – Lisa Lagomarcino- Ambrose, Quad City Times, 8/16

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