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"My Homeboy from Illinois!"

Even Honest Abe made it out to show his support for @barackobama! #obamaia

President Obama made a trip to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday to discuss his plan to extend tax cuts for hardworking, middle class families. His visit to Kirkwood Community College drew a large crowd of dedicated supporters including Abraham Lincoln. The 21st century version of Honest Abe is embodied by a man named Lance Mack, and it's a role he's been playing for over 25 years.

“It started out pretty simply, I had a full beard with a mustache and my wife said shave off the mustache. I did and then we went to our first Civil War reenactment in Michigan and that’s how the whole thing got started.”

Mack arrived at Tuesday’s event dressed entirely like Abe Lincoln and President Obama acknowledged him at the start of his speech, referring to him as his, “homeboy from Illinois”.

“Flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. I can't even find the right words, to be acknowledged directly and personally by the President of the United States was just an amazing and mind-blowing experience and the crowd’s reaction to it…that was just great.”

"Abe Lincoln's in the house, my homeboy from Illinois!"

Lance has been an Obama supporter from the very beginning, and has been drawing similarities between President #16 and #44 since those early campaign days in Iowa.

"They both understood and understand that consensus is necessary and reaching across the aisle is necessary. President Obama continues to understand that he is the president of all the people, not just the Democrats or not just people of color but all of us. Lincoln understood that too."


When asked what words of wisdom that Lance feels President Lincoln would impart to President Obama, he had this to say:

"I think the following quotation from the Cooper’s Union speech is applicable 'Have faith that right makes might and in that faith dare to do your duty as you understand it.'

I believe that Lincoln would feel, as I do, that President Obama has acted in the belief that doing the right thing makes a person, or a politician, or a party or a nation powerful. It’s not that being powerful makes whatever they do right, and that advice from 1865 is still relevant for us today."

Abe's got Barack's back, you should too. Sign up to get involved with the campaign in your community!

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