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Marshalltown Latinos for Obama

Latinos for Obama

This week, nearly 40 residents of Marshalltown came together to share lunch with Congressman Bruce Braley and kickoff our growing Latinos for Obama movement in Iowa.

Rep. Braley outlined the ways in which President Obama has expanded opportunities for Latinos, particularly our immigrant community, while also emphasizing he and President Obama's continued effort to build a 21st century immigration system.

When questioned by the audience as to what folks in Marshalltown can do to help in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, Braley called upon attendees to join coalitions and work toward putting a human face on immigration.

Latinos for Obama

Luis Melero, a field organizer in Marshalltown, appreciated the Congressman’s call to action as well as the President’s ongoing efforts to keep the country moving forward, especially on immigration issues. Just as the Congressman called upon the Latino community to act, Melero has been encouraging Latino residents of Marshalltown to become engaged, register to vote, and volunteer. After the event, Melero reflected,

“Latinos have a powerful voice – we will continue organizing more events such as this one to fully engage and amplify their voices.”

Our Latino community helped secure President Obama’s 2008 victory in Iowa and, with so much more at stake this time around, it’s up to us to do all that we can to re-elect him. In order to make sure that Latinos are fully engaged and their voices are heard loud and clear in each neighborhood, we need your help and leadership.

Latinos for Obama

Are you a Latino for Obama? If so, then join our movement today & let’s make history in Iowa! ¡Estamos Unidos!

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