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Moving Iowa's Wind Industry Forward

Wind Energy

Iowa is known for our great farming and rural communities, but did you know that Iowa is also one of the top producers of renewable energy sources like wind? Wind energy has quickly become a growing part of Iowa’s economy. We have more wind power jobs in this state than in any other in the country.

One modern windmill requires over 8,000 parts, and many of those parts are made right here in America. Hundreds of facilities across the country employ thousands of American workers to make great American-made parts.

Iowans have more jobs thanks to wind power, but we also receive 20% of our electricity from wind power, making us more environmentally friendly. Barack Obama believes we need to invest in these natural, renewable sources of energy. That’s why he supports renewing the tax credit for companies working on this new technology.

But Mitt Romney opposes an extension of the wind energy tax credit, making it arduous for Iowans and for the entire country to keep creating wind power jobs and use more renewable energy sources.

Check out how President Obama is Keeping Clean Energy Wind Power Jobs in America and learn why wind power is good for not only Iowans, but for the entire country.

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