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Meet our Neighborhood Team Leaders- Campus Edition

Here in Iowa, we are so lucky to so many talented and committed Neighborhood Team Leaders who are fired up and ready to go! Our Neighborhood Team Leaders and volunteers are what makes our campaign so special. This week we wanted to feature some of our youngest volunteers that are paving the way to victory in November, Campus Neighborhood Team Leaders

monika NTL

Monika Sehic, University of Iowa

Monika Sehic is a campus team leader at the university of Iowa and has poured every ounce of her being into this campaign since late June. She came to this country from Croatia when she was 13 months old, and believes that this country was built on the simple promise that hard work pays off. Despite working two jobs and taking a full load of classes, she is out in the field everyday- registering students and spreading the word about the President's vision for our nation.


Matt Van Hoeck, Drake University

Since joining us in June, Matt has been a tremendous asset to Polk County, and to me. There's always a moment when an obstacle is encountered where things just sort of hang in the air before the next step is determined. Matt rolls through that moment with every problem he encounters and moves right on to evaluating solutions and executing a plan.It's not surprising that he already has a strong core team and a full calendar of events. We're lucky to have such a dedicated organizer focusing on Drake"

Alyssa Gomez

Alyssa Gomez

"She talked about how she was from Chicago and how she loved the President was standing up for her - as a Latino, as a woman, as a college student. In 2008 she was still in Chicago and made it down to Grant Park for the rally on Election Night. Alyssa is committed, persistent, outgoing, and a consistent member of the team we've had on campus. I have absolutely no doubt that she'll do amazing work with me and the other off-campus team members to make the University of Iowa go bluer than it ever has before. "

Are you ready to step up and help President Obama get reelected for four more years? Join Dashboard, our online organizing tool and sign up for a volunteer shift near you!

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