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Meet our Neighborhood Team Leaders --Part Three

This is the third in a series of profiles of Neighborhood Team Leaders who have committed to helping reelect President Obama all across the Hawkeye State.

We're lucky to have such great volunteers, who are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that we have four more years moving our country forward.

Meet Jodie

"She was a little hesitant at first due to her packed schedule, as she is the Chair of the Psychology Department her at UI, she just got asked by the University to be on the self-study committee, and she has a few kids, one of whom is just entering sixth grade. However, her passion for the President and his views on education and women's equality were enough to get her on board. I had Jodie come to our Train the Trainers training here at the office, and almost everyone who came to canvass with her took out two packets; one volunteer even took out three! Not only that but she brought 6 volunteers with her".

Neighborhood Team Leader

Meet Dale

"Dale informed me that he had taken off work all next week so he could knock doors. He left me no choice but to give him a NTL button and a team to lead. HIs dedication at this stage in the game is just the confidence this team needs to get out the vote and win this thing. "

NTL Dale

Meet Joan

"I first met Joan after she had offered to drive down to Waterloo from her home in West Union, to pick up Fayette County tickets for the POTUS visit. Ever since then, she has been an invaluable part of our team here. Her hard ask is something to be envious of. Joan asks for more to do faster than I can print the lists off, and this weekend she constantly strove to go from good to great! When the rain made some of her volunteers flake, she asked to keep the packets and finish it today; if she keeps up at this rate, we can't lose! She is fired up and now that she's on the team, West Union will be ready to go!"

NTL Joan

Thanks to all of our volunteers across the state who have helped with events, calls, and canvasses- we couldn't do this without you!

Want to join a team near year? Sign-up for Dashboard, our new online tools, to find out about events and offices in your area!

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