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Meet our Neighborhood Team Leaders

Team IA is extremely grateful for our volunteers working with us to achieve four more years with Barack Obama. Some of these great people have stepped up to the plate and are our new neighborhood team leaders. They go above and beyond to empower volunteers and those around them to get involved with the campaign and vote for the President. Meet some of our newest team leaders and join their team.

Meet Pat, the newest NTL for Solon!

Neighbordhood Team Leaders

"Pat is a retired teacher who cares deeply about education and appreciates President Obama's commitment to building a sustainable future for young people. Her connection to her community, enthusiasm for the President, and willingness to step up and offer whatever the team needs to win in Solon (including her house as our unofficial headquarters!) are giving Solon the best start a brand new team could possibly have."

Chris is ready to go out and empower volunteers in Coralville!

Neighbordhood Team Leaders

"Chris' car was towed from our office during the Cedar Rapids POTUS event. When I called him to ensure that we took care of him, his response was this: "I am ok. I do not want any kind of refund, if that's what you were going to say. If it means saving the Iowa Democratic Party money to use for the campaign, I'm happy to take care of my bill." Right there, he was on track to being an NTL."

And finally, Alyce from Dallas County has shown a great commitment to the campaign and is ready to heat things up!

Neighbordhood Team Leaders

"Alyce may be 70, but that isn't slowing her down, she's still fired up and ready to work to get the President reelected. Alyce first caught my attention as NTL material when she asked if we could do a second weekly phonebanks because she wanted to be making more calls. Since then, Alyce has continued to display that level of commitment and leadership, coming to every single event for her team on the Weekend of Action and running a canvass Sunday evening."

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