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Meet our Neighborhood Team Leaders – Part Two

This is the second in a series of profiles of neighborhood team leaders who have shown dedication, pride, and enthusiasm for President Obama's reelection here in Iowa.

They're ready to let people know the importance of voting and why they're supporting President Obama for four more years!

Meet the newest "Obamaloo" neighborhood team leader, Pat!

Neighborhood Team Leaders

"Pat is not new to the Obama campaign, she had the honor of introducing then-Senator Barack Obama at his first event in Iowa on the day he announced his candidacy in 2007. She went on to serve as a precinct captain for him in the 2008 caucuses. Working with Pat is every field organizer’s dream. She 'gets it' and is continually bringing in new people to share the important work of our campaign."

Check out why we think Erik is an awesome part of the Sioux City team! We know you'll agree.

Neighborhood Team Leader

"Erik is a single dad who’s daughter, Kiera, just turned 5. An advocate for equal rights, Erik knows our President stands for his family, including his sister who is married to a woman. Erik is starting at a local community college in the fall to study politics, and he supports our President because he represents the American Dream unique to all of us. Erik's commitment to this campaign is a perfect example of what it takes to be an OFA Iowa 'Siouxperstar!'"

Ryan from North Liberty has been a great asset to the campaign, and he's ready to get out and let Iowans know why he's supporting Obama for four more years!

Neighborhood Team Leaders

"Ryan believes in what this campaign can achieve. This campaign is about ensuring all citizens know how important it is to get involved and fight for what they believe. This is how towns organize and better the lives of their neighbors. When we win, it will be because of enthusiastic volunteers like Ryan. He will be credited with improving their community and making it possible for Iowa to move America forward."

Want to get connected with your local team leader? Sign up for our new online organizing tool, Dashboard, to learn how you can get involved locally!

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