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Meet our delegates: Dean Genth

Dean GenthNow that the 2012 Democratic National Convention is officially underway, we wanted to introduce another member of Iowa's delegation, Dean Genth, who is no stranger to Democratic Conventions. Dean served as the president of the convention for Iowa in Denver in 2008, but this year, it's even more personal.

"Being a board member of One Iowa, the marriage equality issue is paramount to me, its really personal because Mitt Romney would destroy my marriage. It's going to be extremely meaningful to be here on the historical moment that a political party has called for same sex marriage in party platform."

In addition to the excitement of being at the Convention during the historical moment of same sex marriage in a party platform, Dean is excited to get back to Iowa and make history again, this time by getting Iowans to vote early.

"It's an exciting opportunity to be first in the nation to vote. Iowa has been a real pace setter, with the first in the nation caucus, and then leader of the marriage equality advocates, and we are pleased to be a part of this party that celebrates diversity. I'm excited to get back to Iowa and vote early."

Join Dean and be the first to vote for President Obama by committing to vote early!

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