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Meet our Delegates: Andrea Nemecek

Although the Democratic National Convention is officially over, we wanted to highlight one more member of Iowa's delegation, Andrea Necemek. Not only was this her first convention, but 2012 will also be the first year that she is able to vote for President Obama.

Andrea DNC

I decided to run to be a national delegate because I wanted to show the country that young people still stand behind President Obama, and because I wanted to give young people a voice in Charlotte.

I was one of two Iowans to announce Iowa's 62 votes for Barack Obama during the roll call on Wednesday.

That was by far the most exciting moment of the convention for me. It was also extremely nerve-racking speaking in front of 15,000 people, plus everyone watching at home with five huge cameras pointed at me!

Andrea is also extremely excited to be the first to cast her ballot before others in the country for President Obama

I was too young to vote for President Obama in 2008. This was a huge bummer for me, especially since I was such an active volunteer for his campaign back then.

Because of this, I absolutely want to be the first to cast my ballot for President Obama in 2012, which is why I'm planning on voting early on September 27th, the first day you can vote in Iowa.

But for me, voting early is about more than just being the first to vote. It's also about being the first to vote for a President who has stood up for me, time and time again.

Excited to be the first to support our President in 2012? Find out where to register and vote here!

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