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Meet Murph: 16,000 Calls and Counting

Like so many other states, here in Iowa, our volunteers are going to make the difference on November 6th. Lucky for us, we have people like Murph on our team. Last year on November 20th, Murph received a call from one of our Regional Field Directors, Allie Panther, asking him to volunteer. He showed up the next day and hasn't spent much time away from our Bettendorf Office since.

"If folks have got some time, one hour or two hours, one day a week or two days a week, whatever they can do it's going to payoff in the long run by getting the president reelected".

To date, Murph has made over 16,000 calls for President Obama. We sat down with Murph this week to talk about this huge milestone he has hit, and about his volunteer experience so far.

"I thought it was really important for me to get involved, its' the one voice we have about what is going to happen.

All I do is what is important to me, and that's to get the president reelected, so I'll do what I can and my own part in helping him get reelected. I can go home and sit in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours, or I can be down here trying to make a difference.

This is what I love doing."

We know you might not have days. Like Murph said, even if you have an hour, or half an hour, you can help push us to victory on November 6th.

Have a few minutes now? Help us get out the vote using our online call tool!

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