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Mary and Jonathan: Fired Up and Ready for Joe

Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden came to Iowa for a few grassroots events. At each of the Vice President's stops, there were amazing crowds of Iowans who were fired up and ready for Joe. This also included Ottumwa residents Mary, and her all-too-appropriate Democratic companion, Jonathan.

Mary and her donkey are fired up and ready to welcome @JoeBiden to Ottumwa! #BidenIA

"I came out here today because I support President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden because they take responsibility for what they have done, and what there is still left to accomplish. What's at stake here is the future of the entire country, this election is so important."

Mary recently retired from the local John Deere Plant after 30 years there, and now cares for her animals (including Jonathan) on her farm. In addition to her farm, Mary is an active volunteer for President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

"I came out today because I want to show Joe and Barack how much support they have from common people. I know what it's like, I worked at the plant for 30 years, now I run my farm. I was involved back in 2007 and 2008, and am still involved today. I'll do anything to get them reelected."

We have just a week left before folks can start casting their vote for President Obama, and we can't win without your help. Get signed up for our online organizing tool, Dashboard, to connect with other supporters and see how you can get involved in your neighborhood!

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