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Lucas' Story

Recently Lucas Beenken, an Iraq War veteran from Belmond, got the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance during President Barack Obama's visit to Des Moines.

Now, Lucas is sharing his story with other Iowa veterans, and helping to connect fellow military men, women, and their families for President Obama's reelection. Read Lucas' story below.

Hi there, My name is Lucas Beenken, and I'm an Iraq war veteran and proud member of Iowa Veterans and Military Families for Obama.

After coming home from Baghdad four years ago, I wanted to start building a future for myself here in my home state. I was able to pursue a master's degree at American Military University on the G.I. Bill -- which President Obama implemented and expanded so more of our returning veterans can have the same opportunities I did.

President Obama values the commitment that servicemembers have made to our country -- and he knows the challenges we face when returning home. That's why he's fought to expand and improve benefits for veterans and their families -- from access to health care to education and job opportunities.

The President is standing up for us -- and we need to stand up for him.

Join Iowa Veterans and Military Families for Obama on Dashboard, the campaign's new online field office, to meet other supporters and help get the word out about President Obama's record. If you're already a member, you can invite your friends and family.

It couldn't be more important to keep organizing as a community -- and Dashboard makes this pretty easy.

We can connect with other people in the military community who support the President, and share resources and tips for when we go out there to advocate for him and his record. We can even use the call tool to talk directly to voters about how the President is fighting for veterans and military families.

Dashboard is the place to stay in touch with other veterans and be a part of our organizing going forward. It's where the conversations that shape our efforts are going to happen. You should really be a part of it.

Join me in standing up for President Obama -- become a member of Iowa Veterans and Military Families for Obama on Dashboard today.

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