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Iowa Latinos for Obama Kickoff

Latinos for Obama

On Sunday, 50 Latinos from across the state gathered together in Des Moines to make history and kickoff our Latinos for Obama program and launch the Iowa Latinos for Obama Líderes Council.

Our groundbreaking Iowa Latinos for Obama kickoff in Des Moines and satellite Siouxland Latinos for Obama kickoff were tremendous successes and set an incredible tone for our Latinos for Obama program moving forward. Latinos shared their personal stories, discussed why they are supporting President Obama, learned more about our Latinos for Obama program and engaged in strategy sessions with OFA staff, including State Director Brad Anderson. During the strategy sessions, he emphasized that “this election will be decisive for the Latino community, and the outcome will hinge on whether Latinos get involved.”

Latinos for Obama

Cecilia Muñoz, our keynote speaker, was also motivated by our community’s insight and dedication to uplifting Latinos during this election and beyond. Participants made it clear to Ms. Muñoz that Latinos are not going to sit on the sidelines anymore, but instead that are going to stand up, speak out, and organize to re-elect President Obama.

Many attendees are beginning to do just that this coming Saturday and Sunday during our statewide It Takes One Weekend of Action on July 28 – 29. Will you join us in your neighborhood?

One person reaching out to others, bringing in one person at a time, is what will make all the difference in this election. Grab a friend and come out to an It Takes One Weekend of Action event.

If you can’t make it in person this weekend, then please join us online. We have an online organizing group, Iowa Latinos for Obama, on Dashboard. You can find us on Dashboard here.

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