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Joe Biden is a BFD @ ISU

Vice President Joe Biden Visits Ames

On Thursday afternoon, supporters of President Obama welcomed a rather special guest. Vice President Joe Biden was in town and people could not have been more fired up. In an intimate speech to a group of supporters from central Iowa, Joe spoke passionately about the optimism that he feels for the economy and Barack Obama's reelection prospects. As Joe likes to say,

"Politics may be local, but politics is also personal."

In the spirit of that sentiment, the Vice President spent close to an hour after his speech shaking hands and talking with supporters.

Our newest field organizer @klawm88 got a very #BFD style welcome to the #IA2012 team today.

That included our newest field organizer, Kameron Middlebrooks, who started on that very morning. How many people can you think of who get the chance to shake hands with the Vice President on their first day on the job?

Click here to check out our new "Find Your Organizer" page, where you'll get all of the info you need to connect with your local OFA Iowa staff member like Kameron.

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