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"It's going to take all of us to get it done"

With just 5 days left, we are as busy as ever here in Iowa. In all 63 of our offices we are preparing for our Get Out the Vote effort, which is our final push of the campaign to get supporters to the polls on election day.

The momentum is building all over the state, and our volunteers couldn't be more excited!

Nancy and Kimberly

Nancy (right) feels like giving up her weekend is worth it to help reelect our President who is fighting for all of us:

"I'm here volunteering because I believe in our President, and I believe in his platform. The funding that he has done for preschoolers, the student loan reform, Obamacare, just everything. He is a person that is standing up for his convictions and is putting them to work for us everyday"

And Kimberly, another one of our great volunteers, knows just how important these last few days are:

"We need every vote, and we need all hands on deck these last few days- there are so many phone calls to make, and we really need everybody working together.

So if you can just give an hour here, or thirty minutes there, every little bit helps! It is going to take all of us to get it done."

Nancy and Kimberly couldn't be more right. We have just a few days left in this campaign, and the only way to make sure we win is to get involved!

Whether you are able to commit to one shift, or commit to a shift everyday, it all helps. With only 5 days left, there's no better time to sign up than today

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