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It Takes One Family

While this weekend marked 100 days out from Election Day for all Americans, it was particularly important to Iowa where voting begins in less than 60 days. With thousands of doors knocked, phone calls made and volunteer shifts completed, it’s safe to say Iowans were feeling the urgency this weekend.

WDM It Takes One

In West Des Moines, volunteer Herb Eckhouse explained why he was taking part in the "It Takes One" Weekend of Action.

“I really want to see the President get re-elected. This is the way it's going to be done. We've got to win on the ground. President Obama is by far the best candidate; there's not even a comparison, and he has shown that he can lead the nation.”

Herb isn’t the only member of his family working hard to re-elect President Obama. His wife, Kathy, also volunteers regularly and their son, Aaron, is a Field Organizer with the campaign in West Des Moines.

WDM "It Takes One" Weekend

“We are completely supporting the president. We have been since the caucuses. My daughter, Aaron's older sister, was a field organizer here in Iowa in 2008 and then in Ohio. She works for President Obama now, so we're all definitely behind him.”

Herb and his family understand the importance of volunteering and the grassroots efforts of this campaign. They want to make sure other people feel the urgency, as well.

WDM "It Takes One" Weekend

“It's the only way things are going to get done. We've got to get out the vote. It’s important for us to get the President re-elected with a strong majority and a strong congress working behind him.”

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