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Iowa City & Obama 2012 are Greater Together

While five Republican candidates for President traveled across Iowa attacking President Obama with their media circus in tow, over 30 students from the University of Iowa and local high schools packed the Iowa City office for our first Greater Together phone bank to show that our generation is engaged and cares about the direction of our country.

Why? Because President Obama’s vision for our future is one that we believe in, and will work hard for every day.

In 2008 young voters let their voice be heard and made history. President Obama listened to our concerns and has made helping young people a priority.

We all have had a teacher that has impacted and changed our lives. For me it was my mother who was a teacher when I was growing up. Education is what inspired me to volunteer on President Obama’s reelection campaign. Since he has taken office, he has made education a priority. The President has made college financing more affordable so that students from working and middle-class families can access the college education needed to compete in the global economy.

To ensure that we have the same opportunities our parents had – good jobs, good benefits and the chance to own a home – we need an economy built to last where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.

President Obama understands those values and is fighting for them. With many young people struggling to find work, President Obama believes that inaction is not an option. That’s why he’s put out a plan to create jobs starting right now, and why he’s fighting for Congress to act on it.

With less than 50 days until the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses which kick off the 2012 election cycle, this is our time as young people to shine. President Obama has stood up for us and it’s time we stood up for him. The Greater Together phone bank served as a starting point for discussing issues important to us. It’s our time to keep making a difference. So what is stopping you? Why not get involved today?

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