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Introducing our Field Organizers

Our newest field organizers joined us for training here in Des Moines. We heard their amazing stories and learned why they're passionate about getting out the vote for Barack Obama.

Meet our newest field organizer, Stacey Walker.

Field Organizer Training

Stacey joined the campaign in the 2008 election when he was a political science major at the University of Iowa. After getting people revved up on campus, he graduated and went to work for the Case Foundation in Washington D.C. When we contacted him to help us out with the campaign in Iowa, Stacey was more than eager to jump in.

"I was contacted by some folks working at OFA Iowa seeing if I was interested in coming back home to help. I jumped at it. I was born and raised in Iowa by my grandmother.

For Stacey, his grandmother was a massive influence on why he supports President Obama.

"My mother was killed at a very young age and I'll never forget the instance when my grandmother was struggling with kidney failure. At a very young age we were told that her medication wouldn't be covered by her insurance. We were a poor family growing up, and I remember being really young but I wrote a letter to Senator Tom Harkin asking him if he could help us in this situation. He responded and he said his staff was looking into it. Then we got a letter the following week saying that Senator Harkin had taken care of the issue and my grandmother's medication would be covered. When you fast forward to what this president was able to accomplish with the Affordable Care Act, it made it easy for me to really believe in the president and support the president with everything I had because I could see fist hand what it was like, and the trauma we endured with my grandmother by not having access to health care."

As a field organizer, Stacey hopes to have a positive influence on those around him. He urges supporters to not only vote but volunteer and really participate in this election season.

"Civic engagement and getting involved is what has set America apart. It is what has made America great. We didn't sit down and stay inside when Jim Crow South and segregation was happening. And in Iowa we didn't sit down and stay inside when marriage equality was bring threatened. It's in our DNA as American citizens to get involved, to be active, to petition your government and that is something that Obama campaign believes in and that is something I believe in personally."

Don't stay inside. Get involved and volunteer with us here at Team IA.

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