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"I want to do more than just vote"

Campus Takeover Week has been amazing, and it's only Wednesday! Whether you attend one of the Big 3 or you're a student at a Community College in Western Iowa, we've had events and students have shown up in droves to show their support for President Barack Obama. But it's not just about coming out to see a celebrity or watch a debate with your friends. Every day, more and more students are getting involved with their campus teams as we get closer to election.

Taylor, who has taken the lead on the Simpson College Campus, has been involved to make sure we have four more years with President Obama.

"I got involved with volunteering because I see everyday how elections directly affect me, and I want to do more than just vote. Sure I can cast one vote, but if I go and knock on 100 doors, that could be potentially 100 more people supporting and voting for President Obama."

We all know that this is going to be a close election. Now more than ever, we need folks to step up and get involved. The next three weekends we have opportunities for everyone to play a part . Find an event near you and sign up to help President Obama move the country forward.

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