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How the ACA is Working for Iowa

Two years ago, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Since then, millions of Iowans have saved money and stayed healthy because of his leadership.

  • 37,000 children in the Des Moines area will never be denied coverage by a big insurance company for having a pre-existing condition.

  • 1,700 seniors in Woodbury and Plymouth Counties who had been stuck in the Medicare doughnut hole received a 50% savings on prescription drugs, saving an average of $620 each.

  • 1,400 young adults in Linn County who would have been uninsured were able to stay on their parents' health plan.

  • 2 million Iowans will no longer see unexplained rate hikes, cancelation of coverage due to trivial paperwork mistakes, or face lifetime caps on insurance coverage because of the new health care law.

Download the fact sheet and share the ways health reform is benefiting Iowa.

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