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Hear from the First Lady

These next months are going to fly by, as states across the country hold caucuses and primaries, and folks come out to organize and show their support for the President in the run up to November.

I'm Sarah, the Iowa Field Director, and I wanted to introduce myself to you because even though our work has already started here in Iowa, the next few months will be a crucial time for us to get our efforts off the ground.

That's why on Thursday evening, First Lady Michelle Obama is going to hold a call with our Women for Obama leaders in your community. We'll talk about what's at stake for women in this election and how we can start building our movement among women in Iowa and all across the nation.

Women for Obama Luncheon with First Lady Michelle Obama—New York, September 20th, 2011

We're hosting events at each of our 8 office across Iowa, where you'll be able to listen in with other women in your community. You can find the details for the Women for Obama meeting in your community here.

Can't make it to an office? Not to worry, you can still sign up to join the call with the First Lady on Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Over the last three years we've made a lot of progress with the help of women like you, from the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act so that women get equal pay for equal work, to passing historic health reform that means women will no longer have to pay more than men for their health care just because they're women, and that pregnancy will no longer be considered a pre-existing condition. That's why we launched Women for Obama: because now is the time to keep up the momentum and ensure that we don't see our progress slip.

This movement is going to keep picking up speed over the next nine months and into November, and we need you more than ever to step up and help build the organization we'll need to win.

RSVP to hear from the First Lady at a Women for Obama meeting in your community.

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