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Greater Together at Iowa Western CC

This week a group of students from Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs met to lay out the steps they’ll take to make sure they’re turning out young voters for President Obama this fall.

Even in a very conservative area, the message was loud and clear—young Americans in western Iowa are in for Barack Obama. The group of mostly African-Americans and LGBT students embodied the idea that Young Americans truly are “Greater Together.”

“We don’t want to wait until fall to start working, we want to start now!”

We spent time discussing President Obama’s accomplishments for young Americans and planned actions to expand membership for the rest of the semester and into the fall.

It should come as no surprise that there is strong youth support in smaller campus communities like this one, because at the end of the day these young Iowans share the same values as President Obama.

This is Barack Obama Country, and we’re showing what Greater Together is all about!

If you're ready to play a big role making sure that young Iowans are "Greater Together" for the Obama 2012 campaign, apply to be a summer organizing fellow!

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